A Parsi Story : Sugar in the Milk

One of the oldest stories of Sugar and Milk in Parsi's folklore comes from the time when they came over from Persia (modern-day land of Iraq and Iran and other countries) to save themselves and their religious faith. Immigration of refugees, led to the famous story of “Sugar in the Milk “which goes down to history but not many know about it because this story strictly has no violence, no tragedy, not even an ending, it has a beautiful beginning, the oldest historical story gives a gist to understand that history is sometimes sweet and creamy, full of love and learning.

“At last a wise Dastur, who was also an astrologer, read the stars and said: ‘The time Fate had allotted us in this place is now coming to an end, we must go at once to India.’” They sailed to Diu in western India and that’s how they reached the Sanjan port in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Legend has it, that King Jadhav Rana, who was the ruler of the land and a good one. The language of Indians and Persians was different, so to welcome the strangers and communicate that the land was already filled with people to the brim, he sent them a full glass of milk. To make them understand indirectly that they cannot accept refugees. The Zoroastrian priests immediately got the message and since they were peace-loving religious people, they wanted to send back a message that they would make the land and community richer and more prosperous by their good values, knowledge, and hard work. The Parsis added sugar to the glass of milk. King Jadhav Rana was so impressed with this gesture that he granted them asylum and welcomed them with gifts and helped them settle in the new land of India. Parsis thus settled and assimilated, blended in India like sugar in the milk.

Just like how priests convinced the king, be like sugar in a full cup of milk, that’s what all you can do…add sweetness to everything and make it more beautiful just like this piece of history.



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